Sci-Fi Trilogy: This Foreign Universe

Currently, my main work in progress is This Foreign Universe, a sci-fi trilogy that opens with Foreign Land. This first of three centers on two main protagonists.

Smith is a biotech farmer. He left his home on humanity’s first generation ship with his wife and their teenage son to help colonize the planet Aethera. Their colony ship breaks apart in the atmosphere. Smith loses his wife and the colony loses countless others in the crash. Struggling against grief, Smith fights to overcome the loss of his wife whilst attempting to help his son do the same. But Aethera proves to be far less hospitable than they had hoped. Unseen creatures and impossible biotech threaten the colonist’s lives. They invade Smith’s mind, bringing him to question his own sanity.

Back on the generation ship Smith left behind, his apprentice Tashon seeks answers from the ship’s leaders. Why haven’t they received any news from the colony on Aethera? More significantly, why are the leaders ignoring the silence? The answers Tashon finds lead him into a fight to protect the ship and its citizens.

These stories collide together in a story of grief, guilt, and how discovering the beauty of the universe can help humans overcome both.

Part space opera, part survival sci-fi, Foreign Land mixes characteristics of The Expanse series with that of VanderMeer’s Borne universe, with a little Lovecraft thrown in for good measure.

I am working to get this work published and will keep you all updated as that journey continues.